Five SEO Reseller Strategies That Can Change The Game

Learning how to be an seo reseller

When you first decide to become an search engine optimization content reseller – otherwise known as an SEO reseller – you can’t be blamed for feeling intimidating. There’s a lot to reselling SEO that you can’t really know about until you get into the game. That being said, we’re here to help you become the best SEO reseller you can be with 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies. With SEO quickly becoming a major key in online advertising, you’re jumping in at just the right moment to resell. If you make the right moves, you’ll be sure to find success – and with that success, profits. So, without further delay, here are our 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies.

1. Know Your Product

This may seem obvious, but many beginning SEO resellers aren’t quite aware of the appeal of the product they’re selling – or rather, reselling. SEO content works precisely because the pieces involved are ads that don’t look like ads. They’re inbound leads, which cost 61% less than their rivals, outbound leads. They also have a 14.6% close rate, compared to outbound leads coming in with a 1.7% close rate. You can better sell SEO by being able to offer facts like this.

2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Did you know that 61% of Internet users research products online? This is where the genius in SEO content comes in. SEO content utilizes keywords, and the better the keyword, the more likely it is to cause an SEO piece to be a “hit” on a potential client’s search. So encourage your clients to suggest common words, the type that are likely to be searched for. You may even want to help your clients with keywords.

3. Be Aware Of Content Types

Another great SEO reseller strategy is to utilize several different types of “content”. The fact is that as appealing and simple as articles may be, they aren’t going to work for every client, or the services they offer. Many would benefit better from a blog post or a list. Work with your clients to know the kind of content that they want and need. That way, you’ll have few “misses” and more “hits”.

4. Utilize Social Media

The thing about SEO content is that it doesn’t work unless the client in question has a strong social media presence. Oftentimes, clients can’t build a social media presence by themselves. You can help by assisting them in choosing the form of social media best for them, as well as aiding them in setting up an account and communicating with potential customers.

5. Assist Your Client With Their Website

The last of our 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies gets right to the heart of the issue: your clients’ websites. No matter how good the SEO content you resell is, it won’t work unless your clients’ websites are clean, easy to navigate, and appealing. Help them with this as much as possible. A good website plus a great SEO piece can be gold together – and equal profits!

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